jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

Oral Topics for Level 19

1- Time management:
a) Time organization and planning
b) How can time be used efficiently?
c) Using a weekly planner for keeping on time and on track.
d) What are some situations when people feel pressed for time?
e) Why do most people say they don’t have enough time for themselves?

2- Physical attraction:
a) What physical features do people find the most attractive?
b) What is the ideal of beauty in our country?
c) Importance of physical attraction when choosing a partner.
d) What are some opinions about being physically attractive or intelligent?

3- Physical appearance:
a) How can a person’s appearance affect his or her success in life?
b) Why do people spend so much money on beauty products?
c) How do people feel and deal with their imperfections?
d) What are some of the things people do to maintain a good appearance?
e) What is the most popular feature for cosmetic alteration?
f) How popular is plastic surgery in our country?

4- English:
a) What can people do to improve their spoken and written English?
b) What are some of the most popular kinds of texts people prefer to read ? ( novels, magazines newspapers, websites )
c) What are the skills people find the most important in English? ( speaking , listening, reading or writing )
d) Which is easier writing or speaking?

5- Migration:
a) What kind of problems do people have when they go to live to another country?
b) Which countries do people prefer when they migrate? Why?
c) What are some of the reasons why people decide to migrate?

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